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When You or Your Loved One Signs to Be Removed from the United States with ICE then Change Your Mind

We often have detained clients who contact our office after signing to be removed from the United States. These clients have often been detained unexpectedly and are tired. Suddenly an ICE Officer appears advising client that their case may be “hopeless”. The ICE officer then provides the option for the client to sign to be removed.

Detained individuals will typically be presented with two different documents when in immigration detention.  An 826 Notice is presented and a 10 page… Continue reading

H1B Visa- The #1 Work Visa H-1B Cap Count

The H-1B Visa is the number one visa option for professionals with at least a bachelors degree or bachelors degree equivalent.  One’s occupation must meet the muster of being classed as a “specialty occupation”.

H1B visas are “capped” visas.  A limited number of visas are available each year and once the cap is reached, no further visas are available until the fiscal year reopens each April.  Historically, when the fiscal year opens the visa cap has been… Continue reading