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E-2 Investor Visa as a First Step Visa to U.S. Permanent Resident Status

For our business clients, an E-2 visa is often the best first step when considering U.S. Permanent status as an option for the future.  Often our clients first consider an EB-5 Based Green Card as their path to Permanent Resident status.  However, it is important to remember that this Green Card is conditional and the risk of  the Green Card not being renewed is always a possibility because of the many high exceptions which must be met… Continue reading

U.S. Citizen Parents Sponsoring Step-Children for U.S. Permanent Resident Status

As our world society becomes more connected, internationally blended families are becoming the norm. U.S. Citizens who marry a Foreign National spouse who has children may sponsor their step children as an immediate relative, but the law varies based on the U.S. status of his or her spouse. There are 3 general categories of foreign national spouses which effects the way a step child can be sponsored.

Permanent Residents Status, Travel and U.S. Customs CBP – Avoiding Problems

Recently, our law firm has seen a rise in our Permanent Resident clients facing challenges at the airports and certain borders.  Especially, Dulles Airport and Canadian Borders.  Baltimore Washington International Airport (“BWI”), and Ronald Regan Airports can also at times be challenging for Residents. It is important to remember that if you, or a family member, are not yet U.S. Citizens, you are in essence applying to be admitted every time you cross a border or travel overseas… Continue reading

From Immigration Excitement to Immigration Horror…U.S. Permanent Residents and Immigration Consequences due to Criminal Conviction

We hope this blog article will help new U.S. Permanent Residents understand and prevent against the high cost of having to defend one’s right to maintain their U.S. Green card shortly after receiving it.  Likewise, this short article will outline what steps a criminal attorney with expert immigration counsel will need take to ensure that a U.S. Permanent Resident does not become deportable or inadmissible(unable to travel overseas and be admitted back to the United States) as a result… Continue reading

ALMOST THERE DREAMERS-Relief Announced by the Department of Homeland Security

On June 15th, excitement quickly ripped across the nation.  The Dream Act has been passed!  But, upon a closer look this is not exactly the case.  However, the good news is that there was a major step made forward to provide some relief to Dream Act Eligible individuals (Dreamers).  The focus of this blog post is to explain what the announcement by the Department of Homeland Security(“DHS”) provides for Dreamers.  We do not get into… Continue reading

From Student Visa to U.S. Permanent Resident- STEM ,OPT and the Student F-1 Visa

The value of International Students in the United States and their ability to impact and position the United States for economic growth is becoming more and more recognized by U.S. policy and lawmakers.

Student visas are issued to international students to attend school in the United States called F-1 visas.  After a foreign national completes their program in the United States, they are offered Optical Practical Training (“OPT”).  The purpose of this blog article is to explain a… Continue reading

DOS Announces U.S.-Russian Agreement on Visa Issuance

Exciting News Flash  from Department of State for Russian Citizens:


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov today announced an agreement on the issuance of nonimmigrant business, tourist, private and humanitarian visas to the Russian Federation, and for business and tourist visas to the United States, as well as short-term official travel visas to both counties in keeping with the joint statement issued during the meeting of President Obama and President Medvedev in… Continue reading

Helping Our Illegal Children Who are Lost in the System – Special Juvenile Immigrant Visas and Adoption

The sad reality is that we have innocent children lost in our broken immigration system. With the recent blocking of the Dream Act, it is important to know that there are still remedies for children under the age of 18. The purpose of this blog post is to briefly address a couple of ways that we can help minors achieve status in the United States.

Let’s take the case of a U.S. Citizen (USC) who wants to adopt his or… Continue reading

Keeping the L1 Visa Alive for New and Small Companies After the One Year Initial Period

The initial one year period of approval for an L1 Visa in the U.S. is essentially a “trial period.” The purpose of this article is to explain to our clients the importance of establishing a Dun & Bradstreet report (D&B report) within the first year of an L1 Visa approval. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has begun using an instrument called VIBE (Validation Instrument for Business Enterprises), a web-based tool using commercially available information from an Independent Information Provider… Continue reading

H1B Visa Tips on Getting a Fast Approval From U.S. Immigration

See Important H1B Visa Tips on Getting a Fast Approval from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services:

  1. Have a headhunter verify that your job requires the minimum of a bachelor’s degree and put it in writing.
  2. Find job Postings on Monster.com or Career Builder.com that clearly states the minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required for the foreign national employee’s position.
  3. Complete the LCA with the Depart of Labor (DOL) immediately once it is determined that this job is a specialized… Continue reading