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Our law firm has seen a sharp rise in the amounts of litigation clients who are detained (especially for minor or serious traffic violations), had prior removal orders; and before they can retain an immigration lawyer to determine if they have any form of legal relief, they’re quickly taken by force or required to purchase an airline ticket to be removed under expedited removal procedures by Immigration authorities.

We are writing this short blog article to provide important steps to… Continue reading

Interacting Successfully with the U.S. Consulate Overseas

Many of our readers and clients often ask how to file applications with their consulate overseas.  In this short blog tip we provide basic guidance on filing with your country’s local U.S. Consulate.

The Department of State(DOS) website contains a listing of all the consulates throughout the world.  It is important to go unto the DOS website and follow the instructions for the particular visa which you intend to file with the U.S. consulate.  Each consulate’s… Continue reading

Global Love and Relationships- Immigration and Bringing your Life Partner to the United States

The internet has changed the way we “do life”.  Amongst one of the greatest changes, is the way we socialize and form new relationships.  Today nearly 50% of couples who marry initially made a connection on line.  Many U.S. Citizens are expanding their horizons to build relationships with individuals from other countries.

If a U.S. citizen desires to bring his or her fiance to the United States, this requires patience and planning from an immigration standpoint. … Continue reading