Bond, Entry Without Inspection & The Possibility of Cancellation of Removal

It is well known and established that several people enter the United States illegally in hopes of finding a chance to survive and escape unbearable conditions in their home country.  Often this leads to multiple illegal exits and reentries. Eventually, someone in this Entry with Inspection Status (“EWI”) may marry a U.S. citizen or have children in the United States and go undetected by the authorities for years and even decades.   However, an individual in EWI status… Continue reading

Marriage Breakdown, Divorce and Green Card Help is Available

It is unfortunate that in society overall, divorce statistics are high with 50-60% of marriages failing. However, for the foreign national who finds themselves in a difficult unbearable marriage to a U.S. Citizen due to abuse or other issues, there is way to achieve status without staying in a dangerous or unhealthy environment.

If you or someone you know has a conditional Permanent Resident Card set to expire in 2 years or less with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”),… Continue reading

When You or Your Loved One Signs to Be Removed from the United States with ICE then Change Your Mind

We often have detained clients who contact our office after signing to be removed from the United States. These clients have often been detained unexpectedly and are tired. Suddenly an ICE Officer appears advising client that their case may be “hopeless”. The ICE officer then provides the option for the client to sign to be removed.

Detained individuals will typically be presented with two different documents when in immigration detention.  An 826 Notice is presented and a 10 page… Continue reading

TPS – Special Situations and Humanitarian Relief Such as Flooding

USCIS News – Reprint Below:

Relief for Nationals from Central America Stranded in the U.S. Due to Extreme Flooding

Extreme flooding occurring in Central America has led U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to reminding everyone of immigration benefits available upon request to eligible nationals from countries in that region.

USCIS understands that a natural disaster can affect an individual’s ability to establish or maintain lawful immigration status. Temporary relief measures available to eligible nationals from Central American countries that… Continue reading

Interacting Successfully with the U.S. Consulate Overseas

Many of our readers and clients often ask how to file applications with their consulate overseas.  In this short blog tip we provide basic guidance on filing with your country’s local U.S. Consulate.

The Department of State(DOS) website contains a listing of all the consulates throughout the world.  It is important to go unto the DOS website and follow the instructions for the particular visa which you intend to file with the U.S. consulate.  Each consulate’s… Continue reading

Ability to Pay and Employment Based Sponsorship of a Foreign National

An I-140 is a petition by a U.S. Employer who seeks to sponsor and employ someone who is abroad or a foreign national.  Small, large or new companies may sponsor a foreign national once they can demonstrate an ability to pay the employee. The sponsorship is for a future job since there are very stringent requirements that need to be met before a foreign employee may begin working.

The three essential steps are 1) PERM- Labor Certification; 2) I-140… Continue reading

Finally, Some Relief for Clients and Respondents in Removal—But What DoesThis All Mean?

On August 18th, 2011, the current Obama Administration and the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) announced the establishment of a high-level joint Department of Homeland Security along with the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) to determine which cases are high priority versus low priority. In distinguishing between these two categories, only high priority cases will cause individuals to be placed into removal proceedings, and low priority cases already in proceedings would be strongly considered for administrative closing by ICE/DHS attorneys. … Continue reading

My Immigration Case is Over, I Have Done My Part, Now How Do I Get Back Money Posted For Bond

Our clients often have questions about how to request their bond back from ICE-Department of Homeland Security after being in Deportation or Removal Immigration Proceedings.  While the immigration attorney is not involved in this process nor influences it, the purpose of this article is to provide some guidance on the issue.

First, it is important to understand that a client will not be able to get back their bond until the their case is actually closed with the U.S.… Continue reading

Status Problems in the United States ? Do Not Lose Hope Until You Explore All Possible U.S. Waivers!

Our law firm files a variety of  U.S. Immigration Waivers for clients who are illegal, out of status, subject to residency requirements, subject to the three or ten year bar,  Conditional Residents whose marriages are ending in divorce, individuals who entered without inspection (“EWI”), or those in need of  a waiver for fraud, crimes, and more. (See below for a list).  The purpose of this article is to provide a couple popular case scenarios… Continue reading

Immigration Consequences To Criminal Charges Or Convictions – The BIG Mistake – Don’t Rest Easy! Removability AND Inadmissibility Immigration Considerations Before Pleading

The purpose of this article is to hopefully reduce the huge mistake that costs U.S. Permanent Residents and Non-Citizens their right to travel back to their home country. Specifically, if a Permanent Resident or Non-Citizen with a brief criminal history travels abroad they are often faced with the surprise of arriving at the airport back in the United States only to be told by Customs Border and Patrol (CBP) that they are “inadmissible”. In other word, they are banned from… Continue reading