Our law firm has seen a sharp rise in the amounts of litigation clients who are detained (especially for minor or serious traffic violations), had prior removal orders; and before they can retain an immigration lawyer to determine if they have any form of legal relief, they’re quickly taken by force or required to purchase an airline ticket to be removed under expedited removal procedures by Immigration authorities.

We are writing this short blog article to provide important steps to… Continue reading


As the new I-601A (Unlawful Presence Waiver) takes shape, questions and concerns are mounting by clients and immigration attorneys alike.  This exciting new law which allows individuals who Entered Without Inspection (“EWI”) and have qualifying U.S. Citizen relatives to adjust status while in the United based on a waiver is limited.

First, it is important to remember that the approved Permanent Visa Green Card must be “picked up” abroad at a U.S. consulate.  This can trigger additional inadmissibility… Continue reading

VAWA – IN OR OUT OF THE COURT HOUSE: What’s The Difference?

The Violence Against Women Act (“VAWA”) ,which is available to both men and women, provides immigration relief and Permanent Resident Status based on documented spousal abuse. The spouse must meet the Federal Regulations criteria for VAWA and file an application called an I-360.  The I-485 Adjust of Status is usually filed after the I-360 is approved.


If a client is approved for an I-360 and the client is in active removal proceedings in U.S. Immigration Court, what is… Continue reading

The Intersection of Federal Government Security Clearances & Immigration Issues

Our attorneys have had the privilege of serving clients across the nation and around the world from the Nation’s capital, Washington D.C., since 1997 with regards to U.S. Immigration & Nationality matters.  The purpose of this blog is to highlight the intersection of Federal Government Clearances and Immigration issues which we work daily to resolve for our clients.

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HELPING THE REMOVAL NIGHTMARE TO BE OVER SOONER! Petition for Alien Relative Relief, Form I-130 and Expedited Relief in Removal Proceedings

On August 20th, 2010 U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement (“ICE”) issued a memorandum from Assistant Secretary John Morton that will make a non-citizen or alien who is placed in removal proceedings eligible for relief if they have a pending Petition for Alien Relative (“Form I-130 or petition”).

Basically, ICE and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“ USCIS”) will now work more efficiently together so that non-citizens placed in removal will either have his and/or her case expedited or dismissed… Continue reading

Global Love and Relationships- Immigration and Bringing your Life Partner to the United States

The internet has changed the way we “do life”.  Amongst one of the greatest changes, is the way we socialize and form new relationships.  Today nearly 50% of couples who marry initially made a connection on line.  Many U.S. Citizens are expanding their horizons to build relationships with individuals from other countries.

If a U.S. citizen desires to bring his or her fiance to the United States, this requires patience and planning from an immigration standpoint. … Continue reading