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E-2 Investor Visa as a First Step Visa to U.S. Permanent Resident Status

For our business clients, an E-2 visa is often the best first step when considering U.S. Permanent status as an option for the future.  Often our clients first consider an EB-5 Based Green Card as their path to Permanent Resident status.  However, it is important to remember that this Green Card is conditional and the risk of  the Green Card not being renewed is always a possibility because of the many high exceptions which must be met within a two year period.

The minimum investment is $1,000,000.00.  Under certain circumstances $500,000.00 is the minimum investment (Targeted Employment Areas).  During the conditional period, the EB-5 Green card Holder must pay taxes to the U.S.government on their worldwide income as well.

Alternatively, an E-2 Investor visa is a temporary visa renewable in 2 year increments.  We have successfully assisted clients in acquiring E-2 visa status with investments ranging from $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 in service and consulting based industries.

U.S. Immigration laws do not require a minimum investment amount. Rather, the cost to fund the business plan and the amount of the investment must be realistic.  Also, the Investor must do more than simply provide a livelihood for him or his family.   Once the business grows, and U.S.citizen worker(s) are employed, the E-2 holder’s business itself may provide options for him or her to pursue a U.S. Permanent Resident Status. Factors include the E-2 visa holder’s education, accomplishments and experience amongst other variables.

An E-2 investor now has a few other options besides the EB-5 as a path to U.S. Permanent Resident Status.  Other options include, but are not limited to, the National Interest Waiver ( NIW), Multinational Executives and Managers, Exceptional Ability, Extraordinary  Worker or Outstanding Ability Self Sponsored Green Cards, to name a few options.

It is important to note that legal intent is very important in a grant of this visa and should be reviewed carefully with legal counsel before applying. Also, the E visa is available only to countries who are on the list of “Treaty Countries”. You may contact our immigration business and employment attorneys at info@scottcclaw.com or call our offices at our telephone numbers conveniently listed at www.scottcclaw.com.

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